Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Conti's Trinoma

My first time to eat at Conti's was when my kumares (comadres) and I had lunch here 5 years ago. I still remembered our order, carbonara, callos, and for dessert Mango Bravo. This is a very delayed post again. For my birthday last year, I ordered my officemate's and yours truly's favorite pasta from Conti's which is the Italian Supreme Pasta. This pasta is a bit creamy, a bit meaty, and really flavorful. It has that Italian taste because maybe, of the bell peppers. I love bell peppers so I really like this pasta. I can eat a lot of this but since I'm watching what I eat now, maybe I'll just eat this sinfully delicious pasta once in a while. Another new dessert that they have was the Salted Caramel cake. I love the feel of the cake crumbs. I ordered it for my brother when he celebrated his birthday here last March. It's also good. I'll never forget Conti's because I really love their best-seller which is the Mango Bravo, and Garlic Sotanghon. You can visit their branch in Trinoma.

Chocolat (Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes)

   I'm back, haven't updated this blog for quite sometime. Been in hiatus because, I've had some health concern but it's not that grave. My doctor diagnosed me to be in a pre-hypertensive stage. I'm taking medications now. I still eat out, but not that frequent anymore. I should have posted this last year but wasn't able to do so. But don't fret and just brace yourselves now, this post is for all the chocolate lovers out there.

For my birthday last year, December. My officemate bought me a birthday cake from Chocolat. This shop specializes in desserts, and of course their famous chocolate cake. My cake was their bestseller, from the name alone you'll know its to die for, Death by Tablea. What I like about the cake is that it really looks like it was home-made. Like a friend baked it for you. The cake was frosted simply, with chocolate shavings on top. For birthdays, you can request for the dedication. This cake is not too sweet for me. Its just right, it was even named as one of the best chocolate cake around town. When you bite into it, its really moist, and you'll definitely want another slice. For their branch in Quezon City. Just check out the address below:

Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes 
CSR Building, 324 - 11 Congressional Avenue Extension, Pasong Tamo, Quezon City, 1107 Metro Manila
Tel No. 897 8757

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Recipes (Trinoma)

  Last month, my bible mates at work and I, dined at Recipes in Trinoma. If I'm not mistaken the restaurant specializes in Filipino dishes. Atty. Janylyn treated us to a sumptuous dinner. It was my first time to eat there. The place has that modern feel. The lightning is not overly done, and the interior was simply designed, it has that modern simplicity vibe.

  They ordered kare-kare (a Filipino dish that's cooked in peanut sauce, with mixed vegetables and ox tripe) served with anchovies or what we call bagoong on the side. It was okay, like your regular kare-kare, I like the taste of bagoong, just the right saltiness and sweetness. Next is gising-gising in Tagalog language it means wake-up, it is a vegetable dish (string-beans cooked in coconut milk with chilies, so its gives you that kick just enough to wake-you up, I just ate a bit of this because its spicy, and I don't like to eat a very spicy dish at night, next dish is laing cooked in coconut milk again with chilies. For soup, we had sinigang na bangus (tamarind soup with milkfish), this one is really sour, and is a good starter. Then the last dish was fried liempo (fried fatty pork). Over-all the food was okay for me. Nothing memorable for my tastebuds, but if you're looking for a Filipino restaurant that has the modern feel then you might wanna try and dine at Recipes.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The French Baker (Trinoma)

   I apologize to my dear readers if I haven't updated this blog of mine, been quite busy lately. I will not leave you hanging without a delish post today. To all bread lovers out there, I'm sure you have enjoyed reading my previous blog posts with regards to bread and cakes around the metro. I'm sure that you are all familiar with this popular bread shop. Before Bread Talk and Tous Les Jours, there was The French Baker. According to the information from their website, "The French Baker has built its success out of its Founder and President Johnlu G. Koa's vision for innovation: to take the idea of the neighborhood bakery to the next level, allowing every Filipino to enjoy freshly-baked, high-quality, and affordable breads."

   During my college days, my friend and I love to buy their garlic bread, and we usually pair it with spaghetti from McDonald's. For our palate its indeed a simple, delicious, and filling fare back then. Until now, breads from The French Baker are still affordable and worth the price. Everything is baked fresh everyday. Aside from their freshly baked breads, they also offer hot meals, down from the starters like salads, to appetizers, soups, pizza, sandwiches and pasta. To experience real French fine dining they also offer good French table wines, and certainly you can end your meal with a sweet ending, your choice of desserts, crepes, ice-creams or pastries.

    Last month, after work I decided to go to The French Baker, and I checked-out their breads. I decided to buy something for dessert. I bought their carrot bar (cake), and their blueberry muffin. My mom and I ate half of each. Both the cake and the muffin were moist. The sweetness was just right. I was not that impressed with their blueberry muffin because maybe, I got used to the taste of the blueberry muffins from a popular local bake shop. Anyway, for delicious, and good quality, freshly baked-goodies, another bread store worth checking out is, The French Baker.  

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Churreria La Lola

   Last week, one of my officemates Ms.Beth, was craving for churros so we asked our other officemates to to buy us some churros at U.P Town Center in Katipunan. I don't eat churros more often now because they're not that healthy since it's fried. My officemate said its fried in olive oil. So that's what made me decide to order also. I'm not sure if it's still healthy if you use olive oil for frying.

  La Lola's first opened at Rockwell Power Plant mall, and instantly it became a hit. Well, who doesn't go loco over this delicious fried bread that's paired with a choco dip. Their churros is long compared to another popular restaurant in the Manila that offers churros. The chocolate dip was good, it has the right sweetness, while the churros was too oily for me, I just finished 2 sticks. They also have stuffed churros, you can choose from nutella, dulce de leche (caramel), strawberry jam and peanut butter. If you're not a fan of sweets, then try churros bravos, their take on salty churros with salsa. For 6 pieces of churros and the dip, it costs around P170. Aside from the churros they also offer sandwiches, and hot choco drink.

  So if you're craving for a satisfying snack, whether sweet or salty, then head to the nearest La Lola Churreria. Certainly its Muy Delicioso!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake

Who doesn't like cheesecake? I really miss Red Ribbon's blueberry cheesecake. Too bad, they removed it from their line of desserts. I remember that you get a delicious slice of cheesecake for only forty plus pesos. Enough of that reminiscing. Yesterday, after my trip to the bookstore. I chanced upon Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake kiosk at SM North Edsa. This August, SM The Block, has a cheesecake fair. There are a lot of kiosk yesterday night selling different kinds of bread, desserts, native delicacies and of course cheesecake!  At the middle of the mall you get to see a huge centerpiece display of cake slice and dessert. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it.
Anyway, if you have time you still can visit The Block, and you'll get to see different dessert kiosk.

     I've been hearing a lot of raves about this famous cheesecake store. The buzz is in order for you to get this Japanese cheesecake you need to wait in the long line. This famous Japanese cheesecake according to my research was started out by Tetsushi Mizokami. I guess, it's really different from other cheesecake because it is a Japanese cheesecake. The whole cheesecake costs around P299 pesos, and you get a free cheesecake toast. Not bad. Aside from cheesecake, they also sell mini-cheese tarts.

   The cheesecake was indeed fluffy, very light, and its not sweet. It's good for those who watch their sugar level, and for those who are health conscious. It just tasted okay for me. Nothing special. Maybe its because I really like the sinfully creamy, rich, and sweet Western cheesecake. No wonder this is not your usual cheesecake, since its created by a Japanese chef. As we all know, Japanese food is not only pleasing to the eye, but it's also healthy, and delicious. If you want to try a different kind of cheesecake, then head to the nearest kiosk and try Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake, and you might even blurt oishi!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kamuning Bakery Cafe

It's been a year since I last visited Kamuning Bakery. Since, I got off from work early, my plan of going to Kamuning Bakery finally pushed through. I invited Manong Vic (a fellow Christian, and a very good cab driver), and my churchmate friend. 

    When we arrived at Kamuning Bakery, I was really excited to go inside.We were greeted immediately when we arrived.  The cafe was really nice. I love the look of the stained glass windows. I also love the lights inside. The staffs were very alert and accommodating. There was even a shelf, wherein there are books, magazines, newspapers that you can borrow. I'd like to commend Sir Wilson Lee Flores for sharing his love for books to Kamuning Bakery Cafe's customers. Usually Sir Wilson, he can be seen in the bakery and at the cafe, personally entertaining the visitors at his cafe, but unfortunately he was not around at the time that we went there. 

     We decided to have our early dinner at the cafe. We ordered Tawilis pandesal, their best-seller pasta as recommended - tawilis and chicken sisig, next is pan de suelo sampler (with corned beef and potatoes, adobo flakes & menudo), tapsilog (what I like about this is you can request how you want the eggs to be cooked), and for dessert we ordered a slice of their best-seller Heavenly cake, and lemon cake

     My companions that night commented that the food was good. I like the taste of the tapa. It was cooked just right, it was tender and tasty too! The fried rice (I love the garlic) really complimented the tapa (dried beef). The pastas were good too! The fried chicken is tender and juicy inside, and their french fries was made from real potatoes not the usual store bought. The chicken sisig pasta was creamy, and has the coconut milk taste, something new, and it's also a bit spicy. The tawilis pasta, is too spicy for me, it reminds me of my favorite spanish sardines. By that time the pan-de-suelo sampler arrived, we were already full, I still tasted the pan-de-suelo, they like how nice the bread were because it was toasted. We still had room for dessert. As recommended I ordered the Heavenly cake which was according to the staff, it is made of meringue, and it is a bit hard. I love the taste of the chocolate, and the crunch. The lemon cake was fine with me. 

    It was one of a kind dining experience for me. I know that this will not be the end of my visit to Kamuning Bakery and its Cafe. Things here are just getting bigger and better! Aside from the various appetizers, meals, and snacks that you can order from the cafe, you can still buy the famous pugon bread, and all kinds of Filipino breads that we all grew up too! Even the cookies, and breads that are hard to find nowadays, Kamuning Bakery has it. Aside from the wide array of cake flavors to choose from, they also have drinks, and cakes sold at the bakery, which is beside the cafe. You can also try their best-seller blueberry cheesecake, and the classic eggpie. Just check out their social web page at Facebook, just type Kamuning Bakery. So if you want more than good bread, you better visit Kamuning Cafe, and have a break! 

Kamuning Bakery and Cafe is located at  No. 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st Street, Quezon City (near Caltex of Kamuning Road) For orders and inquiries you can call: Tel. No. 929 2216