Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Eng Beetin's Golden Pork Floss Hopia

       Today, I asked my officemate to buy me a mooncake, and that new hopia flavor from Eng Beetin. I am a long time fan of Eng Beetin hopia. I remembervwhen I was still in high school I would bring Eng Beetin's hopiang ube (purple yam) as snack during our break/recess. Even up to now it is still my most favorite viand in all of their hopia flavor. They never stop innovating. They even have this hopia shakes.

Anyway back to their pork floss hopia. My officemate told me about this new flavor. She told me it was really good. I was not sure if I will like this new flavor. I'm more on the sweet side (dessert person). I was not disappointed when I tasted the pork floss hopia, it is savory, and I really like the texture of the hopia's crust. It is flaky. It's like eating a savory pastry. Golden pork floss hopia is not available individually. You can buy it per box. A box contains 12 pork floss for 250 pesos. It is also a great gift item.

I also asked my officemate to buy me a mooncake. Today is the Mid-autumn festival. Many Filipino-Chinese families are celebrating the festival today. They also play a dice game. Eng Beetin has a dice game set for sale together with their mooncakes. It costs around a thousand pesos. The mooncake that my officemate bought form is the regular mooncake with 1 salted egg inside. It is priced at around 170 pesos. I'm also glad that Eng Beetin has a new kiosk located at SM North, main building. So if you are craving for hopia, and other Chinese snacks you can drop by at Eng Beetin's new kiosk.

Happy Mid-Autumn festival everyone!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Choco Liquor Cakes by Maricar

  Last Sunday I was able to buy the most talked-about choco-liquor cake in town. After going to church I immediately went to SM North (The Block). There was a weekend bazaar last Sunday, and Mrs.Maricar Reyes-Poon's (doctor, actress, writer, commercial model, and now turned baker and entrepreneur) choco liquor cake's included in the food bazaar.
For a long long time, I really wanted to try this cake. I admit I'm a fan of the Poon's, and I even bought their book (10 Things We Fight About), the book is available at National Bookstore. Anyway, I bought the medium size cake in a round gold tin. Pretty packaging. It is around P600+ pesos. The sales staff was kind enough to answer my questions and assist me. I did not eat the cake right away. I brought it at the office for my workmates and I to share. It was a hit! They all love it! They did not taste the liquor at all. The cake was moist and fudgy. Well, I'm the only one who has a low tolerance when it comes to alcohol.  I just felt my face became warm after I ate a piece, but the cake is good.

Holidays are here and this luxurious choco liquor cake will be a good Holiday gift! The liquor is not that strong, and that's why even kids can enjoy it! It is not overly sweet too! So spread some love this Christmas by sharing a choco liquor cake by Maricar! Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A La Creme (cafe bistro bakeshop)

  It's 2017! I apologize to my dear readers, I haven't updated this blog of mine for quite sometime. My first post for this year is about a dessert. One of my officemate brought this popular dessert from A La Creme bakeshop, and also a cafe bistro from Pampanga. It is one of the popular bakeshop and sweet shop in the country.

This is one of their best-seller, sinful chocolate cake. It is not really a cake. It's more like a chocolate mousse minus the sponge cake. It has walnuts, and it is enveloped with rectangular chocolate walls around it. It is very chocolatey, dark and also sweet. Sharing it to everyone is good, since a small piece can already satisfy your sweet craving. If your a dark chocolate lover, then this one is for you!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Ju.D's Fruitcake

 This December, while on vacation leave. I had the chance to meet Ms. Ju D. Lao, known as the fruitcake queen of the Philippines. She has been making fruitcakes for over 25 years. She started baking fruitcakes since 1975. The fruitcake recipe that she developed is her original, she wanted to make fruitcakes that would suit the taste of the Filipino palate. I noticed that not everyone likes fruitcake. I guess this is one of the Christmas gifts that some people don't really look forward to.

I saw the fruitcake queen being interviewed on tv (a feature show in GMA ch.11), and it has been a long time since I last tasted a fruitcake so I've decided to order from her. Before we used to receive a lot of these, but now were fortunate enough if we received one. I ordered by phone, and in the afternoon I was able to pick-up my orders at her place in Greenmeadows Subdivision. You wouldn't miss the house because there's a large banner of Ju.D's fruitcake in front. Lovely place that she got there. Her helper was the one who took my payment, and the one who gave my orders. I really wanted to meet Ms. Ju.D so I asked if I can meet her. I was really glad that the queen of fruitcakes graciously met with me. I had the chance to took a photo of hers. I found out also that she has been interviewed by CNN Philippines. All her cookies were sold out, but I was fortunate enough to get the last pack of her New York Peppermint cookies, I also ordered her Classic fruitcake, and her Golden fruitcake. I also ordered her fruitcake sampler. The box contains 4 flavors (2 pcs. each of her classic fruitcake, golden fruitcake, Ju'D Blue, and Prune, both coffee flavored fruitcake). I have yet to try her Chewy chewkies (fruitcake cookies, no liquor but I heard they're very good), a recipe that she made especially for kids. I also love the packaging of her goodies. You don't need to gift wrap the fruitcakes because the packaging is already beautiful and very presentable. So if you want to order even if it's not the holidays, you can go to #50 Greenmeadows Ave. White Plains, Quezon City. Contact no. is  633-1188. And truly, like the song of the Eraserheads goes, 'There's a fruitcake for everybody!'

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dohtonbori (SM North Edsa)

Last week, I and my officemates finally had the chance to have a lunchout. One of my officemate really wanted to eat at Dohtonbori. I have been also hearing a lot of raves about this Japanese restaurant. This place is popular because of their okonomiyaki, or Japanese pancakes. Nope, this is not your usual sweet pancakes that you always order for breakfast or dessert. This one is the savory type, you can eat it as is or with rice. This pancake usually consists of meat and vegetables mixed together and pan fried. Here at Dohtonbori they cook the food in front of you so you can see that its freshly made. One downside only when eating in restaurants like this, is that the smell or aroma (because of the smoke) of the food being cook sticks to your outfit/clothing. You can just pack an extra share, and you can change afterwards if your to OC.

My officemates ordered a bowl of ramen, okonomiyaki (I forgot the exact name), two orders of yakiniku, chicken karage meal, Japanese salad, Japanese dumplings called gyoza and Japanese noodles – yakisoba. The first that they cooked in front of us was the gyoza, its similar to Chinese dumplings, and the yakiniku, thinly sliced pork with sweet sauce. Everything was cooked in front of us. I was really hungry at that time that I ate my packed lunched inside the restaurant (of course, I got that weird look from my officemates), after that I tried tasting the food that we ordered. The okonomiyaki was just fine, I was used to eating the okonomiyaki from another modern Japanese restaurant. This okonomiyaki was generously filled with lots of veggies and meat. The mayo and the sauce was good. The gyoza was just okay, the skin was kinda chewy for me, not my type. The pork was okay too. Overall I was not that impressed with the food here. But my officemates were all satisfied with their order. Maybe because, I’m not that fond of Japanese food. If you want to try a really hearty okonomiyaki, and food that’s affordable and good for sharing, then I recommend that you try and visit this restaurant. Happy eating! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

5 Loaves and 2 Fish (The Rock, Don Antonio Heights, QC)

    Last month, my churchmate friends and I had a get together on a Sunday afternoon.We decided to eat at a new resto near our church. Its located at The Rock, in Don Antonio Heights, QC. I remember that this place used to be the Ligaya Building where I used the teach. A former English school that caters to Koreans stood here before (Global Language Educational Foundation Inc.). Now this place was even more commercialized with a lot of posh food joints, and cafes surrounding the area.

Basing from the name 5 Loaves and 2 Fish was owned by a Christian couple, husband and wife tandem, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Dinah Miro. The place was nicely furnished, and the lighting was good. Looking at the menu, I guess the dishes were just priced rightly. Entering the resto, you will be greeted by a display of various cakes in their counter. After we were seated, we decided to order their lavash (a soft thin unleavened bread), a bread crisps that goes well with a dip, and another way to eat it, prepared like a pizza or nachos (topped with meat, veggies, cheese and tomato sauce). We also ordered desserts, they have unique desserts my companion ordered guava cheesecake, and I ordered the classic dulce de leche-salted caramel. They also have pastas, and sandwiches, fruitshakes, they also offer hot choco and tea. We didn't order a lot coz' we were there just for a snack. Their lavash was okay, the toppings are generous. The cake, and cheesecake was fine too. I have yet too try their pasta and sandwiches next time. If you want good food, but have no time to head to the mall, then you can try this place.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Conti's Trinoma

My first time to eat at Conti's was when my kumares (comadres) and I had lunch here 5 years ago. I still remembered our order, carbonara, callos, and for dessert Mango Bravo. This is a very delayed post again. For my birthday last year, I ordered my officemate's and yours truly's favorite pasta from Conti's which is the Italian Supreme Pasta. This pasta is a bit creamy, a bit meaty, and really flavorful. It has that Italian taste because maybe, of the bell peppers. I love bell peppers so I really like this pasta. I can eat a lot of this but since I'm watching what I eat now, maybe I'll just eat this sinfully delicious pasta once in a while. Another new dessert that they have was the Salted Caramel cake. I love the feel of the cake crumbs. I ordered it for my brother when he celebrated his birthday here last March. It's also good. I'll never forget Conti's because I really love their best-seller which is the Mango Bravo, and Garlic Sotanghon. You can visit their branch in Trinoma.