Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Marsha's Delicacies (Brownies)

  I've never been to Ilocos but I've already have a liking for their specialties. One is their garlic longanisa. I like this fried to a crisp, and dipped in cane vinegar. Also, I love their royal bibingka (sweet sticky rice cake topped with butter or margarine, and cheese). Today, I had the chance to take home one box of brownies that's brought by my officemate. I asked my officemate to buy me some goodies. So here I am with a box of brownies.
I partitioned my brownies. Half of it I let my officemates taste them, and half of it, I brought home. The brownies really do look enticing. I also love the packaging. I like the frosting, its very chocolatey and the cake is not very sweet. It is not that moist but its really fine with me because it compliments the rich frosting. The brownie cake is also not that sweet so thumbs up for Marsha's brownies. If you like chocolates, and cakes. Then you should try Marsha's brownies. Can be served after any meal, it is also good as a snack, or just to satisfy your sweet cravings. I'm sure you'll be loco over this choco brownies.

Ammianance Bibingka Royal

  Finally, I get to take home a box of Ammianance Bibingka Royal. I asked my officemate to buy me this native delicacy which is very popular in Ilocos. I was hesistant to try this before because I'm not really that fond now of eating cassava dessert. Its presentation is similar to the cassava cake desserts found in malls. This bibingka is different from the bibingka's sold during Christmas. Christmas bibingka is more of like the pancake/hotcake type, and rice flour is used for making it. While, Ilocos or Vigan's bibingka uses glutinous rice flour, hence its sticky consistency.

I found out that this is not made of cassave but instead of sticky rice, and its topped with butter or margarine (I'm not sure which of these two they used), and cheese. This dessert is similar to tikoy or Chinese rice cake. But I prefer this Ilocos dessert over the tikoy. One box consists of 16 pieces, and it costs around, I think less than 200 pesos. Two pieces of this can already make me full. It's really good to serve as a snack/merienda. I have not tasted other Bibingka Royal from Ilocos but my officemate told me that Ammianance's bibingka is really good. This is one native delicacy that we Filipinos can be proud of.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Landers Superstore Deli Snacks

  Happy New Year dear readers of this blog of mine. I'm sorry that I haven't updated this blog for quite sometime. I really didn't have a lot of food tasting or as the millenials call it 'mukbang.'

Today, was an early celebration of Valentine's day. No, I don't have a significant other at the moment. I have just decided to celebrate it in my own way. I did splurge on a lot on books, and tin whistles this year. I asked my officemates to buy me snacks at Landers superstore. Yes! we do have Landers here in the country! The first snack that we tried is the Landers US Nutella chocolate snack cake. The price is 140 Philippine Pesos, approximately more than $3. I shared the cake with my fellow workmates because I can't finish it all. The frosting is sweet, it certainly is Nutella. The sponge cake is not that sweet, and it has no strong chocolate flavor. I wish it has more cocoa. But over all its just fine. The frosting is so generous, and I think the less sweet sponge chocolate cake underneath was just the right match. If you're a Nutella hazelnut spread lover, you better try this! Great for sharing.

The next snack that we tried is the Ham and Chicken wrap. It costs around 99 Philippines Pesos (approximately $1.) Its just basically a bread roll, with a ham, chicken, and mozzarella filling inside. I like the chewy mozzarella, with the bread. I also shared it with my fellow workmates. I'm never disappointed with snacks from superstores like this shop. The snacks available here are worth trying.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Buddy's Pancit Lucban

      Happy New Year everyone! For starters, my first food post for this year is about noodles. In Chinese belief they usually serve noodles on birthdays and special occasion because it signifies long life. I've been craving for Pancit Lucban for a long, long time. In Montalban, Rizal my workmate brought a Pancit Lucban before, it was really good.The vinegar has a sweet tinge on it, so I haven't forgotten the taste. Too bad that stall closed down according to my officemate. So, second week to the last week of December I ordered Pancit Lucban from Buddy's restaurant due to the coaxing of my officemate. This restaurant is known for serving the Quezon province popular pancit called habhab. Pancit habhab is a term for eating the pancit while holding it without any utensils. The pancit is placed on a banana leaf and serve with local vinegar. Which makes it different from other native pancit wherein mostly you put Philippine lemon called calamansi. Buddy's restaurant was a restaurant that started in the province, then it branched out here in Metro Manila.

Pancit Lucban uses a different kind of noodles. It is more thin than the pancit canton, and it is flat like, more like a cross between fettucine and canton noodles. Other ingredients of this pancit is sliced fried liempo usually serve as toppings of the pancit, carrots, chayote or sayote, and cabbage. We also bought pandesal to go with the pancit. We had a satisfying snack or merienda. The pancit Lucban costs around P1,000 with additional delivery charge. The medium pancit serves 12 to 26 persons. Aside from Pancit Lucban, they also serve other well-loved Filipino dishes, like sisig, sinigang, and a lot more. For the complete lists of their menu, I've included the link below just click on it.

Buddy's Restaurant Menu

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pepi Cubano (Trinoma mall)

This week I saw an fb ad online about Pepi Cubano, a sandwich bar at Trinoma. Basing from the photos, the food really looks appetizing. Anyone here who has seen the movie Chef will definitely want to try a Cubano sandwich.

What is a Cuban sandwich? According to the article that I've read online, it is a grilled sandwich, that is filled with ham, pork, or any cured meat, pickles, mustard, and for the bread they use Cuban bread. The texture is similar to a baguette bread, hard and crusty. But this type of sandwich is flat.

The Pepi Cubano sandwich for take out is wrapped in a carton pack. For my snack I had the 'Media Noche' sandwich. It is simply a ham and cheese sandwich. I was expecting that it comes with banana chips basing from the photos that I saw online. Too bad it didn't have any sides. The sandwich has a quality sliced ham. I like it because it is not very thickly sliced. It also has pickles, and mustard. Lots of flavors on this sandwich. It compliments the crusty bread.

They also offer a variety of savory sandwiches, and also a simple sandwich made up of guava jam and cream cheese. I'm looking forward in trying this. They also offer their own version of 'turon' (Filipino native snack of fried bananas wrapped in lumpia wrapper, fried in sugar and oil and topped with sesame seeds). They call it Cigarro Cubanos. It has choco hazelnut. Its called Cigarro because its similar to a stick of cigars. I will post the menu flyer here. If you want a savory sandwich you better check out Pepi Cubano. It is nice that they're located near the cinemas, so you can also buy and eat it while you're watching a movie. Come on now and have a bite!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Eng Beetin's Golden Pork Floss Hopia

       Today, I asked my officemate to buy me a mooncake, and that new hopia flavor from Eng Beetin. I am a long time fan of Eng Beetin hopia. I remembervwhen I was still in high school I would bring Eng Beetin's hopiang ube (purple yam) as snack during our break/recess. Even up to now it is still my most favorite viand in all of their hopia flavor. They never stop innovating. They even have this hopia shakes.

Anyway back to their pork floss hopia. My officemate told me about this new flavor. She told me it was really good. I was not sure if I will like this new flavor. I'm more on the sweet side (dessert person). I was not disappointed when I tasted the pork floss hopia, it is savory, and I really like the texture of the hopia's crust. It is flaky. It's like eating a savory pastry. Golden pork floss hopia is not available individually. You can buy it per box. A box contains 12 pork floss for 250 pesos. It is also a great gift item.

I also asked my officemate to buy me a mooncake. Today is the Mid-autumn festival. Many Filipino-Chinese families are celebrating the festival today. They also play a dice game. Eng Beetin has a dice game set for sale together with their mooncakes. It costs around a thousand pesos. The mooncake that my officemate bought form is the regular mooncake with 1 salted egg inside. It is priced at around 170 pesos. I'm also glad that Eng Beetin has a new kiosk located at SM North, main building. So if you are craving for hopia, and other Chinese snacks you can drop by at Eng Beetin's new kiosk.

Happy Mid-Autumn festival everyone!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Choco Liquor Cakes by Maricar

  Last Sunday I was able to buy the most talked-about choco-liquor cake in town. After going to church I immediately went to SM North (The Block). There was a weekend bazaar last Sunday, and Mrs.Maricar Reyes-Poon's (doctor, actress, writer, commercial model, and now turned baker and entrepreneur) choco liquor cake's included in the food bazaar.
For a long long time, I really wanted to try this cake. I admit I'm a fan of the Poon's, and I even bought their book (10 Things We Fight About), the book is available at National Bookstore. Anyway, I bought the medium size cake in a round gold tin. Pretty packaging. It is around P600+ pesos. The sales staff was kind enough to answer my questions and assist me. I did not eat the cake right away. I brought it at the office for my workmates and I to share. It was a hit! They all love it! They did not taste the liquor at all. The cake was moist and fudgy. Well, I'm the only one who has a low tolerance when it comes to alcohol.  I just felt my face became warm after I ate a piece, but the cake is good.

Holidays are here and this luxurious choco liquor cake will be a good Holiday gift! The liquor is not that strong, and that's why even kids can enjoy it! It is not overly sweet too! So spread some love this Christmas by sharing a choco liquor cake by Maricar! Trust me you will not be disappointed.